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Recently, United Insurance Agencies hired a new Commercial Lines Customer Service Agent. Mel Mapes has been in insurance for a few years, but worked primarily with Personal Lines. I’ve asked Mel to give us a few comparisons between commercial and personal insurance what she likes about each and what she’s been excited about getting into commercial after a few months. READ MORE >>

United Insurance Agencies is a country wide agency with customers from California to Alabama and everywhere in between! But no matter where we go to write a policy, we always return home to Muncie, IN.  Muncie is considered Eastern Central Indiana and around here you see a LOT of farms. READ MORE >>

"whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer/The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune"  These immortal words of William Shakespeare (that I changed a little bit) were uttered by Prince Hamlet when determining if he should make a drastic change in his life, or if he should continue with his current life. READ MORE >>

Most people don't have their auto and home insurance  on the same date.  I don't!  I started my auto policy in April and bought a house in June, so the two policies have different start dates. Let's pretend tomorrow a terrible thing happened.  I get my renewal in, and it's HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE! READ MORE >>

If you've bought a home, you've probably asked for a home warranty before. I know I have! I don't know how long that hot water heater is going to last and I don't want to cough up $1500 for a new one and replace an old one. READ MORE >>

Your phone rings. As you begin to pick up your phone to look at the message, you hear the sirens. You run and grab your kids, your spouse, your pet and everyone jumps in the tub with some pillows for protection. The tornado passes and, luckily, your home got away with JUST wind and hail damage on the roof and gutters. READ MORE >>

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day!   We celebrate women's achievements and lives throughout society on National Women's Day, and for good reason!  Women have been involved in every aspect of society, and there will be blogs written across the internet today talking about many of them. READ MORE >>

If you watch movies as much as I do, you start seeing a thing called a trope, which is a reoccuring theme or motif.  You see tropes all the time, the small child that everyone protects or the single scientist who no one listens to.  Tropes give you the ability to get into the story without needing too much information. READ MORE >>

"XYZ Insurance Agency, how can I help you?" "My kid just turned 16 and go their license, I need to add them to my insurance." "Ok, let's get their information." The parent gives me their child's information to add to the policy. "Ok, what's the damage?" "It looks like you're rate is going to go up $1200 a year. READ MORE >>

Alright kids, settle down.  Class is starting! Insurance is, in it's most basic form, distributing risk.  If you are certain that 1 in 10 people are going to get into an auto accident this year that will cost $10,000, if you get 9 other people to put $1000 into a pool with you, you each have only paid $1000 instead of one of you paying $10,000. READ MORE >>

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